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Staying true to his word, Lawrence is part of the NYukCO incubator where he shares his 35 + years of fashion insider knowledge.  Breaking the whole process down in easy to follow steps, Lawrence & Bonnie guide you in choosing your own answers and path to building your own BRAND.


Showing his collections to select audiences world wide, LAWRENCE PIZZI will be scheduling and posting them below:


South Italy – April/May 21

NYFWeek – Sept 21

Special day

You can have Lawrence Pizzi design and make a dream garment for you.  From Stage to Wedding, and even special sports… let your imagination be pushed & your expectation OBLITERATED!

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Kool and Edgy, an eye for details help make every garment special and fresh.  Technology and skill produce exceptional “Fit-Outs”

ss 2021   Collection


Coming Soon


Modernity, using only the best fibres and fabrics to create unique & memorable garments to help dress men for their lives.

SS 2021 Collection

Coming Soon


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