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kaftania – A shared love…

Kaftania…  where shopping for our loved ones can help displaced female garment workers care for their loved ones!!!



“Mother Africa” a collection where garments are made from Eco-friendly Cotton grown and milled into fabrics that are printed by local tribal women.  In homage to the Birth place of the Human Race, let us love mother earth while celebrating Mother Africa…


Fashion Forward Classics, this cutting edge collection is a continuation of the “Negative Carbon Footprint”, offering garments that help keep our landfills free from toxic waste – turning them into luxurious fabrics, that are dyed and printed using Water-less technology.  “Mother Africa” is an extension of Mother Earth and a way of life for our clients and our garments.



Shopping for 2020 Holiday?  We have created a site where we are selling product made by employees displaced by Covid-19 worldwide.  From weavers to sewers, even hand screen printing and beading, let us help them support their families and survive this Time of Covid-19.

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Last Updated – 21 Feb 2020