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Lawrence Pizzi

A Well-rounded Designer creating garments that are timely and also timeless…

Creating a Luxury Label that is also a Negative Carbon Footprint takes ingenuity and vision…  Working along with fabric mills and dye houses, Lawrence Pizzi has developed a new product from what would have otherwise ended up in landfills.  The rich fabrics are made of 100% completely recycled object and items.  Elegant tweeds started life as plastic, smart pinstripe suiting from bricks and iron from oil tankers, and all the knitwear yarns from old used industrial truck tires.  The prints and colorings of the collection are Earth Friendly using the latest Water-Less technology (no dyes are being released into any local waters at all). 

All the notions and trims are sourced and obtained from reputable suppliers who are also as dedicated to the earth and fare wages.  The only item not able to be included are zippers, but we are working on this as well.

The collection is also exercising “Fare Trade” agreements with African Villages that provide locally grown organic cotton that is then printed in their own designs.  These garments are limited due to the limited yardage produced and will be offered on-line soon.

To learn more about ordering a special garment/outfit for that special occasion please contact us using the link below.


Shop Kaftania


Kaftania…  where shopping for our loved ones can help displaced female garment workers care for their loved ones!!!


Updating Fabrics

We are dedicated to everything Fun and Fabulous!!  From the color of the buttons to the lining, garments are designed and made to bring happiness and JOY into your life.  And they help the environment too!!

Tailoring & Fit

Do you need help finding garments that fit and flatter your body?  Well, Lawrence Pizzi is a master tailor that knows how to work with what you have and help out with what you don’t….

Ease AND Comfort

Usually light weight, our garments are easy to wear.  Layered or on their own, they fit in your lifestyle.  With easy styles, comfort is a luxury that we can help you achieve a balanced lifestyle.